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Kayslaay | The Vibe Kurator

Sallay aka Kayslaay works as an Image Consultant, Visual merchandiser, and Model that is passionate about art and music. As a first-generation Sierra Leonean-American based in New York City, Kayslaay has found a way to incorporate her West African culture into her artistry. Kayslaay has worked with Global brands and have been featured in online publications such as ELLE, REFINERY29, VFILES and more.

As a Designer and Creative Director for Amyang Fashun™, A Lifestyle Brand, the intention to create and style for internationally-known musical talents came to fruition.  Since 2015, with break-out success at Afropunk Brooklyn, Kayslaay has been working consistently with clients in the fashion and music industry.  

“I am humbled at my continuous opportunities to collaborate with emerging artists as well as heavyweights in the music industry.  The energy is special.”

Kaylsaay’s long-term vision for the brand includes curating a platform where women and children feel safe and can express their creativity, especially those based on the Continent of Africa.  As an image consultant that specializes in customized trends, natural beauty tips for her clientele and couture fashion, she is a fashion visionary.   

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