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Designer + Stylist

Creative Director


As a creative, I typically have my hands in a number of projects. I have had the privilege to work alongside a variety of talents since 2014 when I first began to make my passion my priority.  As an entrepreneur, my focus is on designing and styling. During regular business hours I am usually working with a variety of fashion houses assisting with their design teams, merchandising, and image consulting.  As a designer and co-owner of  Amyang Fashun I quickly gained a lot of knowledge and experience creative directing. This has allowed me to assist well-known talents within the fashion and music industry.  I have had the privilege of collaborating with artists, that are up and coming and some that are well known.

I'm forever grateful for every opportunity I have been assigned to. It has helped me gain knowledge in operations and management of major retailers. Working alongside designers and creative directors has allowed me to sharpen my ability to independently manage creative projects from start to finish.  Because of it, I am able to implement these fundamentals for my personal endeavours as an entrepreneur.